Granite Falls Police Department
5 Falls Avenue
Granite Falls, NC 28630
(828) 396-3358

Since the 2008-2009 school year we have been fortunate to receive funding from the school system to staff a resource officer at the Granite Falls Middle School during the school year. The school resource officer works entirely out of the school when school is in session, handles all calls for service at the school, assists school administrators, and travels with students and faculty to functions outside the school.

The SRO has several duties in the school, but the primary objectives are to protect the school, staff and students, prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and to prevent juvenile delinquency through close contact with students and school personnel. The SRO investigates delinquent acts within the school system and crimes within the community that are school related. The SRO is also responsible to improve the image of the uniformed law enforcement officer in the eyes of the students and community.
Contact Corporal Hicks at 828.396.2341 or by email at
The Granite Falls DARE car took 1st Place at the 2011 North Carolina DARE Officers Association Winter Conference Car Show.
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