Granite Falls Police Department
5 Falls Avenue
Granite Falls, NC 28630
(828) 396-3358
In 1899, the Town Board appointed G.W. Lefevers as the Town Constable.  Through the years this position has been called Town Constable, Town Marshall or Chief of Police.  Over the years duties of the Police Chief have changed as the town has grown.  In the early years duties of the Police Chief were varied, present responsibilities lie in managing the Police Department, consisting of 14 sworn full time police officers, auxiliary police officers, communications and clerical staff.
Over the years the Police Department has grown from a one-man department to a force of fourteen full-time officers.  The department offers dispatch service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  To serve, police officers must complete an accredited Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy. 
Transportation for the Police Department is first mentioned in the Board Minutes of October 3, 1927, when the Board authorized the purchase of a motorcycle with a side car.  In 1930 the Board authorized trading the motorcycle for a new Ford Touring Car.  Today our officers patrol in vehicles equipped with the latest technology for information gathering, speed detection, as well as safety for prisoner transport.

For more information about the history of Granite Falls "Etched in Granite" books are on sale at the Town Administrative Offices, or visit online at
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